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Liquid Foot Care Frequently Asked Questions | Bolshaws Industrial Powders
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Liquid Foot Care Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
It’s a unique liquid formula that helps provide cattle with protection against digital dermatitis. The special lime formulation has been developed to keep lime in suspension. Some settling does occur so it is important to agitate/stir the product before use. It can be transferred directly to the footbath without any preparation or mixing. Its viscosity means that successful application is easily visible; each cow emerges from the footbath effectively wearing protective white socks!

Why is it needed?
Digital dermatitis is a real problem for the majority of UK herds; lameness is predicted to affect 25% of the national herd at any one time (that’s nearly ½ million cows!)* Traditionally it has been a winter problem, but the problem is now so widespread that it has become an issue that farmers have to face all through the year.

It is highly contagious and can spread quickly through the herd. Lameness brings a reduction of food intake that, in turn, affects milk yield and fertility.

*Source: DairyCo

Is it easy to use?
It couldn’t be easier. Unlike many other treatments that need mixing, Liquid Foot Care just needs stirring and it is ready to use. The footbath can be filled directly from the IBC; the consistency of the liquid means that it is free flowing and this task can be completed in a matter of minutes. As a ready mixed solution there is nothing further to do and the herd can pass through it immediately.

How do I get the best results?
Before filling the footbath with LFC ensure it has been cleaned out and there are no traces of any other chemicals in it.
We recommend that for the best LFC performance cows should go through a water bath prior to the LFC bath. Any cows with heavily soiled feet must be cleaned prior to going through the footbath. If bathed when the feet are dirty the muck will be sealed in and this could aggravate the condition.
Only fill the footbath with enough liquid to cover the hoof. If the footbath is too deep the LFC will stick to the hair and could cause irritation.
Do not mix LFC with any other chemical or solution
The footbath should be emptied and changed when it is considered to be oversoiled (just the same as any other footbath solution).

What is the ‘white socks’ effect?
As the cows emerge from the footbath you’ll be able to see just how effective Liquid Foot Care is. The solution clings to the hooves and gets right to the vulnerable areas where digital dermatitis can take hold; this highly visible ‘white socks’ effect means that you can be confident that the herd has been treated thoroughly and protection is long lasting.

Is it cost effective?
Each IBC contains 1000 litres of ready mixed solution and provides extensive protection for your herd. You’ll find that Liquid Foot Care is an extremely cost effective method of keeping digital dermatitis at bay. Usage is dependent on the severity of the herd’s foot problems, as a preventative measure it should be used once per week.

As a lime based product are there any other benefits?
Yes, lime has been the natural choice in agriculture for years. Consequently Liquid Foot Care is a naturally complementary product around the farm; there are no concerns with disposal as you might have with Formaldehyde or Copper Sulphate.

Liquid Foot Care also actively contributes to reducing slurry acidity. The high lime content increases pH levels and brings clear time and money saving benefits when spreading during the winter months.

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