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8 great reasons that make Cubicle Care the best for the job | Bolshaws Industrial Powders
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8 great reasons that make
Cubicle Care the best for the job.

The last 12 months has seen Cubicle Care become more popular than ever with farmers throughout the UK. From our conversations with users we have put together the things that make Cubicle Care superior to other products.

1 It’s made to a unique formula. If it doesn’t say Cubicle Care on the bag it isn’t Cubicle Care in the bag! We blend two types of hydrated lime to make it coarser than builders lime and other lime bedding products. The bigger particle size makes it easier to apply and there is less dust; it stays on the beds. Farmers tell us that it is far more effective than the finer, ‘fluffier’ lime products that are available. Most importantly it’s better for the cows.

2 It’s tried and trusted. Thousands of farms, both large and small, use Cubicle Care as a vital part of mastitis control.

3 It’s cost effective. Just 10p per cow per day. We recommend the use of ½ kilo of Cubicle Care per cow per day. Conditions can vary, but this means that the daily cost of protecting each animal is just 10p! When you think that the average cost of a cow stricken with mastitis is £200 you can see why Cubicle Care is such a cost effective preventative measure.

4 It’s better for cows. When a cow’s teat comes into contact with Cubicle Care the coarser, larger particle size means there are fewer particles per sq mm in contact with the skin which makes Cubicle Care kinder on teats & udders.

5 It’s made by farmers for farmers. Our heritage is farming so we have a connection with what’s right for farmers and what’s the best in animal welfare. We won’t compromise the high standards that we set.

6 It’s a pure and natural product made for agricultural use. Lime has been used on farms for years and years. It is a natural product and you know exactly what you’re getting; can you say that about inferior lime or bedding products that have a high paper, ash or other waste product content? Cubicle Care is pure lime; we don’t add stone dust or anything that detracts from what it says on the bag. Nor is it a recycled industrial product.

7 It’s very simple to use. Cubicle Care can be mixed with sawdust or any other bedding material. It can be applied to the bed and covered with straw or used on straw yards.

8 It’s great for slurry and the land. Cubicle Care can go straight in to the slurry and will raise the pH level. When spread this will improve soil conditions and fertility. Typically this will also improve drainage and increase aeration, stabilise the soil structure and reduce the need for expensive fertilisers.
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