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Liquid Foot Care Frequently Asked Questions | Bolshaws Industrial Powders
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Lime. The natural choice all round the farm

Bolshaw products help protect the health of your animals and the financial health of your business. Each product has specific animal health benefits that can make a major contribution to farm profitability.

Let’s consider digital dermatitis. This is a significant problem for the majority of UK herds where lameness is predicted to affect 25% of the national herd at any one time (that’s nearly ½ million* cows!). As it is highly contagious it can spread quickly through the herd; yields are down and vets fees are up.

Liquid Foot Care is a natural and fast acting solution to help you tackle the problem of digital dermatitis. Many farmers find that making the change to using Liquid Foot Care in the footbath brings positive benefits within a week.

Cubicle Care is firmly established as a tried and trusted product to control mastitis. If you use ½ kilo of Cubicle Care per cow per day it will cost you just 10p per animal to provide protection. When you think that the average cost of mastitis per cow is £200* you can see why Cubicle Care is so cost effective.

Improved animal health and wellbeing is what we are all about, but there is so much more to the Bolshaw range; as natural products you’ll find you get benefits all round the farm. Slurry quality will improve as the pH level is raised; this will have an impact on the quality of your land and will cut down the need for expensive fertilisers. You will also save time as you’ll have to spread less lime.

Every Bolshaw product is easy to dispose of. Waste products for bedding might seem like an attractive option, but think about how you dispose of the paper or ash (never mind whatever unknown nasty elements might be in there!).

Similarly think of the chemicals that could be part of your current footbath regime. Not only are they a contamination issue when it comes to disposal, but they might not be the greatest thing for your health either.

With the Bolshaw Animal Health range you get the best of all worlds. Healthier animals, other benefits all round the farm and not forgetting the financial benefits that you’ll enjoy.

(* Source: DairyCo)

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