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Super Cal 5
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Super Cal 5 Lime.

The fastest, most effective way to
achieve the correct pH value in your soil.

Bolshaws, the lime experts, now bring you Super Cal 5, 100% pure burnt lime. Being 100% soluble it’s incredibly fast-acting in neutralizing your soil and creating the perfect pH conditions for planting. Once you have applied Super Cal 5, the soil is ready to plant within just a few hours.

• 100% pure lime – no added binding agents
• Fast acting – soil ready for planting within hours
• 97% neutralising value – corrects the soil pH before you plant
• Very cost effective – low application rates – greater yields
• Easily spread using conventional farm spreaders
• Provides a much wider application window than conventional lime
• Available in tonne or 1250KG bags
• Price available on request

If you’d like further information talk to the experts.

Call Bolshaw Agricultural now on 01625 572416, 07876 860604 or email


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